other than photographing, another passion of mine is teaching!

With being in business for almost 7 years, I’ve failed a lot, learned a lot and gotten that burnout. Running your own business is definitely a learning curve. I would get stuck in ruts and lose that creative passion. Sometimes even wanted to throw in the towel because I didn’t know if I would ever make it. Something that helped me get out of that rut, was being inspired by other creatives and mentors! This consists of workshops, mentoring and friendships with other creatives.

I want to share my knowledge to help you hone in on your skill and create better experiences for your clients! Let’s keep your dream alive!!!!

Continuing education is crucial in this industry… in fact, it’s crucial in ANY workplace! Empower yourself and your business! If you want clients to invest in you, you need to invest in yourself!



  • 90 minute Facetime or Google hangout to screen share

  • Detailed mentoring questionnaire

  • Q & A

This one-on-one mentoring session is customized and tailored to what you want to focus on! You don’t even have to be local to St. Louis! Before our session, I’ll send you a questionnaire that will help me better understand where you are in your business, where you want to grow and what you need to focus on. Topics for Q&A range from gear advice, business advice, editing, posing and directing, workflow, social media, wedding how to’s, branding and marketing, how to attract your ideal client, website and portfolio review, etc! Anything is fair game! I can’t promise that we can cover EVERYTHING in one mentor session, but I will try my best to cover the most important topic(s) for you!!!! Expect to go over 1-3 topics, depending on what topics you choose and what you need to work on most. This type of mentor session is ideal for beginner and advanced photographers wanting a refresher!



  • Up to 4 hours

  • Detailed mentoring questionnaire

  • Q & A

  • Live photo session

This one-on-one mentoring session includes everything mention in the virtual, expect we step up the game a bit!!! This time we will shoot a live session together!! Yep, that’s right!! You’ll see the start to finish process I take! We will start at a coffee shop, do a Q&A and then head out to our session!! We will both be photographing, but I will go through every part of the process with you along the way!!!! After the session ends, we will head back to the coffee shop and go over backing up, editing and so much more!!! This live mentor session is ideal for photographers who are local to me (or willing to travel) and want to focus / hone in on posing and directing or editing and overall interested in improving skills! These sessions are held in the surrounding areas of St. Louis, Missouri.


August 2019. Details coming soon…