Hey! It’s me, Tammi C.

I’m a professional third wheel! I get to go to work and be surrounded by lots of love, happiness, dancing and cake! What more could a girl want?!
I was a student in beauty school when I decided to become a photographer. My oldest sister was pregnant with her first child and asked me take her maternity photos. I was so honored and excited! After that, I blew up. Everyone wanted me to take photos for them!
after about a year in business, i photographed my first wedding. Some may say i rushed into it and was crazy, but i instantly felt the connection. there's something about The way that love just makes your heart skip a beat and feel all those butterflies. Nothing makes me happier than photographing you and the love of your life on your best day ever!! i put my heart and soul into what i do. photographing weddings is where i feel most at home, but i truly enjoy being able to capture all the moments this life has to offer.
Here I am almost 7 years later and still as excited as the first time I picked up a camera! 
most of my inspiration is found through vogue magazines. there's just something about the images that captivate you and my goal as a photographer is to create that same reaction when you look at your photographs. i want you to be taken back to that day and remember exactly how it felt.
Enneagram: Type 7 Myers Briggs: ENFP-T

Enneagram: Type 7
Myers Briggs: ENFP-T

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me at home binge-watching Friends or Buffy, out trying to find the trendiest items to put in my new vintage resale shop, or obsessing over Anthropologie's current clothing line. I love SCARY MOVIES, traveling as much as I can, good tacos, and Halloween!

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January / Berlin, Germany + Chicago, Illinois

March / Paducah, Kentucky + Houston, Texas + Austin, Texas

June / Denver, Colorado + Twin Lakes, Colorado