For Photogs


$375 // 90 minutes

We will chat over a cup of coffee (my treat) or FaceTime/Skype. This is tailored to your needs. Typical topics are: cameras/gear, editing, posing/directing, branding/marketing, website/portfolio review. Anything is fair game! This mentoring session is geared more towards (local and non-local) beginners or those who are wanting to discuss a particular area. 

Live Session
$550 // Three Hours

I will go over my whole workflow from start to finish with you! We will start out just like the Q+A session, talking over coffee. Then we will go get our hands dirty and photograph a session together. Don't worry, I'll plan it all and be right there with you every step of the way. I will go over just how I handle each session. After we are done shooting, we will then go back for more coffee (clearly, you can see my addiction is real!) We will go over editing and another set of Q + A. This is ideal for local photographers (or those willing to travel to me) who want a more hands on approach with directing/posing and editing or just wanting to better hone their skills. 

Outsource Editing

weddings begin at $275
Portraits Starting at 20 cents per image

Contact me for more details!