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Hey! It's me, tammi c.


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You can find me shopping at local thrift stores, binge watching Friends or Buffy, trying to find a new cool coffee shop or admiring Anthropologie's current clothing line. I am passionate about coffee, traveling as much as I can, good tacos and Halloween!

Nothing makes me happier than getting lost in nature. Whether it be on a mountaintop, the woods or the beach something about being outdoors just makes me feel alive and free. Nothing beats hearing the birds sing while watching the sun rise or set, gazing at the nighttime sky with those twinkling stars or listening to the ocean waves as they roll in. I also enjoy being barefoot whenever possible and a good rainstorm!

I was a student in beauty school when I decided to become a photographer. My sister was pregnant with her first child and asked me to do a maternity photo session for her. I was beyond ecstatic! After that, I blew up. Everyone wanted me to take photos for them. Here I am almost 7 years later and still as excited as I was the first time I was asked to take photographs!

Let’s get to it, shall we??

I have a good feeling you’re looking for something more than just beautiful photographs. More than your average joe photographer. What you NEED is a photographer who puts your happiness ahead of their must have images. Someone who takes the time to see the beauty and priceless gift that is a marriage. Someone who is there to capture those in-between moments as they unfold. Who sees your love and is able to portray it through the photos taken. An amazing overall experience that you’ll never forget is what I strive for! It's going to be your best day ever, so you deserve the best photography experience ever! My goal is to slay at taking your photos the way Buffy slayed the vampires! (Because we all know she kicked some major butt.)

I know planning a wedding can be stressful and I am here to help. From timeline help to kick butt vendor recommendations to location scouting to meeting for tacos just because — girl, I got you! Need a shoulder to cry on or someone to get crazy on the dance floor with? I'm your girl! To me, being your photographer is more like a friendship so brace yourself for a super fun time you won’t get anywhere else! Like the theme song of Friends says, I’ll be there for you! (I’m also here for the cake… but mainly for you!)